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The Crown Review

The Crown, Netflix

The Crown is a Netflix Original TV Show that premiered in 2016 The Crown is a historical drama television series created and broadcast by Netflix. The show tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and her reign. The series’ idea came to light out of Morgan’s 2006 film The Queen. The show starts from the Queen’s marriage to …

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Stranger Things

Stranger Things; Netflix; Drama

Stranger Things is a Netflix Original TV Show which premiered in 2016 Stranger Things is a science fiction and horror tv show set to take place in the 1980s. It is a Netflix original production that started airing in July 2016. The show is written, directed and produced by the The Duffer brothers who are well known for their movie Hidden …

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Designated Survivor Review

Designated Survivor; ABC; Netflix; Drama

Designated Survivor is a drama TV show that premiered on the ABC network in 2016 Designated Survivor is a political drama TV show set to take place in the United States. It premiered on the ABC network in September 2016. The show was ordered without running through a pilot which is rare in the industry. It is available on the …

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Fargo Review


Fargo is a drama TV show that premiered on the FX network in 2014 Fargo is a black comedy and crime thriller TV series. It is inspired by the spectacular movie of the same name  which was released in 1996. The writers and directors of the movie “Fargo” also serve as executive producers on this series along side Noah Hawley, …

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Vikings Review

Vikings is a historical drama TV show which premiered on the History Channel in 2013. The show is principally based on the life of the Ragnar Lothbrok, as depicted by Scandinavian tales about the legendary Norse men and their achievements during the Vikings rule era. The TV series follows the life of on of the most famous Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, a …

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How I Met Your Mother Review

How I Met Your Mother  is a sitcom that run on the CBS network from 2005 until 2014 over a course of 9 seasons. The main plot of the TV show is set as a series of flashbacks where Ted Mosby tells his two kids the stories of his relationships that led him to meet and marry his wife; their mother. …

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Better Call Saul Review

Better Call Saul is a drama TV show which started its broadcast on AMC since 2015. The show serves as a spin-off prequel from the critically acclaimed TV show Breaking Bad and revolves around the infamous lawyer Jimmy McGill before starting his relationship with Walter White or Heisenberg. The show shows the life of Jimmy and how he got to where …

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Modern Family Review

Modern Family  is a sitcom airing on the ABC network since 2009. This show is about Jay Pritchett and his family’s life in Los Angeles. The stories are presented in a mockumentary style about the life of  three models of families who are all related, each according to its own uniqueness. The first top family is Jay Pritchett’s with his much …

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Breaking Bad Review

Breaking Bad is a drama TV show that aired from 2008 till 2013 on the AMC network. The show tells the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher that gets diagnosed with cancer. Following the diagnosis, he starts a small business of manufacturing and distributing a high quality crystal meth drug (nicknamed Blue Sky due to the distinctive blue …

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The Big Bang Theory Review

The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom that started airing in 2007. This TV series revolves around the lives of two physicists at Caltech, Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper who start out as roommates when a new hot aspiring actress Penny moves in next door. Main characters on the show are Leonard and Sheldon’s equally geeky friends Howard and Raj. The …

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