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The Crown Review

The Crown, Netflix

The Crown is a Netflix Original TV Show that premiered in 2016 The Crown is a historical drama television series created and broadcast by Netflix. The show tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and her reign. The series’ idea came to light out of Morgan’s 2006 film The Queen. The show starts from the Queen’s marriage to …

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Altered Carbon: Official Trailer – Netflix

Altered Carbon; Netflix

Netflix is promising a new science fiction TV show of a grand scale titled “Altered Carbon”. Critics expect the show to be the center of talk among TV show buffs worldwide. We here at TV Show Guru are bringing to you its official trailer. Altered Carbon: What the show is about This show is an upcoming science fiction television series that …

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Stranger Things

Stranger Things; Netflix; Drama

Stranger Things is a Netflix Original TV Show which premiered in 2016 Stranger Things is a science fiction and horror tv show set to take place in the 1980s. It is a Netflix original production that started airing in July 2016. The show is written, directed and produced by the The Duffer brothers who are well known for their movie Hidden …

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Designated Survivor Review

Designated Survivor; ABC; Netflix; Drama

Designated Survivor is a drama TV show that premiered on the ABC network in 2016 Designated Survivor is a political drama TV show set to take place in the United States. It premiered on the ABC network in September 2016. The show was ordered without running through a pilot which is rare in the industry. It is available on the …

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Black Mirror Review

Black Mirror is a drama TV show that started on BBC Channel 4 and was later picked up by Netflix Black Mirror is a drama TV show that was first released in 2011 by BBC Channel 4 in the United Kingdom for 2 seasons but was later picked up by Netflix and returned with season 3 in 2016. The format …

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House of Cards Review

House of Cards is a hit series that was produced by Netflix and started airing on their streaming service in 2013. It’s an adaptation of the the 1990 British mini-series of the same name. The show goes into what goes in the back alleys of the political scene and exposes the what goes behind the scenes from the facade shown to …

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Narcos Season 3 Trailer

Narcos Season 3 will be premiering soon and the official trailer is already here. Pablo Escobar is no longer in the picture, but the war on drugs still continues, to catch up on what awaits, watch the trailer below.

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Narcos Review

Narcos is one of the hit shows released on Netflix in 2015. It has aired 2 seasons so far and is currently renewed for 2 additional seasons. This TV show follows the US DEA war against drugs and set around the time where cocaine being the new drug swept across South America and the US in the late 1970s. It shows …

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