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House of Cards Review

House of Cards is a hit series that was produced by Netflix and started airing on their streaming service in 2013. It’s an adaptation of the the 1990 British mini-series of the same name. The show goes into what goes in the back alleys of the political scene and exposes the what goes behind the scenes from the facade shown to …

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Narcos Review

Narcos is one of the hit shows released on Netflix in 2015. It has aired 2 seasons so far and is currently renewed for 2 additional seasons. This TV show follows the US DEA war against drugs and set around the time where cocaine being the new drug swept across South America and the US in the late 1970s. It shows …

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Vikings Review

Vikings is a historical drama TV show which premiered on the History Channel in 2013. The show is principally based on the life of the Ragnar Lothbrok, as depicted by Scandinavian tales about the legendary Norse men and their achievements during the Vikings rule era. The TV series follows the life of on of the most famous Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, a …

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