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The Walking Dead Review

The Walking Dead - AMC

The Walking Dead is a drama TV show that started airing in 2010 on the AMC network The Walking Dead is a horror TV show based on a popular comic book series of the same name. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies are roaming the world. The lead character Rick Grimes, who is a deputy sheriff from …

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Westworld Review

Westworld TV Show - HBO

Westworld is a science fiction drama series debuted on HBO in 2016 with the second season expected to be released in 2018 The TV show Westworld is based on the 1973 film of the same name. The story is set in an amusement park with a wild west theme, however, the park is populated by android hosts that are programmed to …

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Friends Book to Be Released on the 25th Anniversary

If you’re a Friends fan like most of us out there, you’re in for a treat. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a book appropriately titled “I’ll Be There For You” -after the show’s theme song- is set to be released in 2019 by Hanover Square Press, on the 25th Anniversary of the show’s debut. The book will be written by Kelsey …

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Review

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a black comedy TV Show that started out on the FX network in 2005 and had moved to FXX in 2009 where it’s running. The TV show revolves around a group of friends “The Gang” that run an Irish bar together. The characters are portrayed as anti-social, egocentric individuals with psychopathic tendencies that never fail …

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