Charlie Sheen Murder
Charlie Sheen

Is Charlie Sheen accused of murder?

Lenny Dykstra released information about Charlie Sheen’s involvement with his personal assistant’s death

Leonard “Lenny” Dykstra is a former Major League Baseball center fielder. He played for the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies. He is well know by his nickname “Nails” with a record of notorious life and activities which he describes as nothing to be compared with that of his old friend Charlie Sheen.

Lenny “Nails” Dykstra had released some pretty huge claims against Charlie Sheen in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter which can be only described as explosive. His allegations include an involvement of Charlie Sheen personally in the death of one of his former employees. He described Charlie as a dangerous criminal that is about to be taken down by the Feds.


Lenny Dykstra
Lenny Dykstra

What did “Nails” say about the alleged murder?

According to Lenny, Sheen casually confessed to being the mastermind behind the overdose death of personal assistant Rick Calamaro. Calamaro had worked as Sheen’s personal assistant during his public meltdown in 2011. He was found dead in 2012 in his apartment at a time where Dykstra himself was in jail serving time for auto theft and lewd conduct. Official cause of death at the time was identified as an accidental overdose.

As per Dykstra’s story, he had asked Charlie, “What the f— happened to Calamaro?”

Sheen’s reply was, “You mean Dead Rick? What f—ing happened is the mother—-r tried to blackmail me just like you said, wanted $5 million. I had him f—ing iced.”

Dykstra said that Sheen bragged about mixing Calamaro’s stash with a lethal drug.

Rick Calamaro
Rick Calamaro

Dykstra also talked about Sheen’s involvement in financial crimes that according to him, will be prosecuted for. To top it of, Lenny said that the most disturbing aspect for him, was the phyiscal abuse of Sheen’s former fiancée Scottine (Brett) Rossi.

“I am not a saint, but I will not tolerate a man beating a woman,” Dykstra said, “Killing the guy that f—ing tried to extort him, that’s his business,”

Dykstra said he also had problems with Sheen’s head of security and went to the IRS with American Express bills showing the man was charging personal expenses to Sheen.

The list of accusations shared by Lenny included some alleged $20,000 cash payments to prostitutes as well as exposing knowing multiple women (including Rossi) to HIV.

Charlie Sheen’s defense?

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen

Sheen’s lawyer Shane Bernard took over the defense publicly by dismissing Dykstra’s statements as “disturbing, vile and outright ridiculous claims.” to The Hollywood Reporter and challenged Dykstra’s credibility using his notorious past in the process.

Sheen’s lawyer Shane Bernard denied those claims to The Hollywood Reporter and challenged Dykstra’s credibility. He cited Dykstra’s notorious past in the process.

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