Band of Brothers Review

Band of Brothers is a drama TV show that aired in 2001 on the HBO network Band of Brothers is a drama TV show based on real World War II stories. This TV show can be considered as a mini series that spans 10 episodes covering the story of Easy Company and the battles they fought during World War II …

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Westworld Review

Westworld TV Show - HBO

Westworld is a science fiction drama series debuted on HBO in 2016 with the second season expected to be released in 2018 The TV show Westworld is based on the 1973 film of the same name. The story is set in an amusement park with a wild west theme, however, the park is populated by android hosts that are programmed to …

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Silicon Valley Review

Silicon Valley is a sitcom that started airing in 2014. This TV series is about a young programmer Richard Hendricks who quits his work at Hooli, a tech giant at Silicon Valley, to start his own company Pied Piper. He and a team of other programmers start the new venture with the help of business entrepreneur Erlich Bachman who features as …

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Review

Curb your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of those shows that is amusing to watch with episodes that are loosely connected so you can enjoy at its own. The show revolves around Larry David (depicting himself) in various situations taken from the mundane American social life. Larry’s wits and non-conformity to social conventions and expectations are the pillar upon which the show …

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